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Why Tonido and the TonidoPlug is worth your time


Tonido's Dashboard

Tonido and TonidoPlug, from Codelathe in Texas, bring you open source applications that rival many big named applications. Tonido has a list of applications that help you with everything from finances to file sharing to photo swapping to blog writing. All of this is possible from any device with a web browser. The TonidoPlug gives you a small, quiet, energy efficient, home server quickly and effortlessly and for under $100. You can run your own personal cloud from your own computer and never have to share important personal information with any third parties. Tonido allows you to access and share your content directly through a web browser without uploading or worrying about storage limits. You can share files, music, photos and calendar, download torrents and even manage your finances straight from your desktop. Free.

Tonido's Advanced view instead of the Dashboard.

JukeBox is an application for Tonido that gives you quick and easy access to your personal mp3 music collection from anywhere via a web browser. Thots is an application that acts as a private blog or journal, which you can use to store notes, bookmarks, web clips, and other random pieces of information. Torrent is a web-based torrent client that allows you to manage your torrent file transfers from any device with a browser. Workspace is a full fledged browser-based application for Tonido, which can be used as a Personal Information Manager (PIM) to store contacts, calendars, tasks, and even files. You can even create workgroups and share your info from Workspace with other people, like coworkers. Webshare is another application for Tonido that allows you to share large files that are too big to email, directly from your desktop to anyone with a web browser. Photos is another application that allows you to send photos directly and privately via Tonido P2P network to your friends and family. Search is another application for Tonido that makes searching your own computer from anywhere as easy as searching the web. Tonido’s Money Manager is an easy to use personal finance application that helps organize one’s finances and keeps track of where the money goes. Tonido Explorer is a simple no-frills application that enables you to browse, manage and download any file in your home computer from any remote machine (or smart phone) via a browser. Tonido Backup allows you to backup any file or folder to any remote computer running Tonido regardless of OS/platform. Tonido Screenshare allows you to share your PC's screen with your colleagues and peers through their web browsers. There is no flash, Java, ActiveX required to view the desktop. Open the link and go. It is that simple. Tonido OpenID allows you use your Tonido URL as an OpenID. Tonido OpenID is unique in the sense that it is a truly decentralized and private OpenID provider. What it means is that Tonido OpenID does not use any third party server to manage your identity. You provide your own identity.

All of these applications work on your computer just fine. They can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems and you can search a Windows based system from a Mac or Linux computer.  Simply keep your computer running and be logged into Tonido and you can search your computer and files from any other device that uses a web browser. The drawback is to keep your own computer on 24/7. That is where TonidoPlug comes in. TonidoPlug is the little server that could. You simply plug it into your outlet, then connect your router to the TonidoPlug, and then connect your external hard drive to the Plug as well. From there, you have a 24/7 server, and not just some place to dump files and info to share. TonidoPlug is a tiny, low-power, low-cost home server and NAS device powered by Tonido software that allows you to access your apps, files, music, and media from anywhere.

If you aren’t fully convinced at how hot these applications are and how huge this TonidoPlug is, just check out what was said in these trusted articles from the likes of, Scholastic Blog, Download Squad, ZDNet, and CNN.

Donating to the community that made your open source software choice helps greatly as well. It keeps the creators working and updating the very software you downloaded and are now depending on. Help them help you. Use common sense when downloading. Research, check your system to make sure it can run the software, and use trusted anti-virus software. Good Luck.

A view of inside Tonido's Thot app.
For more info: Check out,,, or all the hype about this product in the press here.


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