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Ted Cruz, the Object of consternation by some on the right

Let me say first of all that I love Thomas Sowell. He is not an enemy, just a human being in error. Great men are not always great and on Hannity, his criticism Ted Cruz was wrong. The explanation is so easy to explain that a cave man can do it. Ok, I guess that is not funny any more.

Mr. Sowell actually created a straw man and proceeded to destroy it. I have no doubt that he believes it. This was the straw man that he created. “If George Washington had tried to fight every battle that he could not win, we would never have won the war.” His intimation clearly being that what Ted Cruz did was just picking a fight that could not be won. “Rule-or Ruin” as he calls it, is more like a hit piece. Ok, the British had the professional army and Washington has no sure thing to deal with. If this was the case with the shut down then Sowell was right.

On the other hand, what if George Washington had control of all the food that the British could get their hands on? Over time the British would have done what ever would be necessary to survive. Win Washington!

This second scenario is closer to the situation that Ted Cruz was dealing with. No, you thinkers out there, it did not have to do with the citizen’s eating. It was determined that they would get paid to stay home. The Constitution gives the power of the purse to the Congress. It is one of the two ways that the legislative branch can put a check on what the executive office can do. The other way is impeachment. One might have a much better chance of making Mr. Sowell’s point with impeachment.

The truth was there was NO WAY for the Republicans to lose, unless they backed down. The group that backed down would lose. Obama, had already went from, “I will not negotiate.” To, “I will negotiate with anyone at any time.” Why? Because he knew that no matter how low the 9% approval rating of the house dropped, his approval would be the one hurt most. He would eventually have to give in. All the Republicans had to do was go before the public each day; show the legislation and say here is the check for 99% of government. This includes everything except Obamacare. The President can spend anytime that he and Harry Reid decides to. Do that every day and at any media opportunity. Add that it was passed on a lie to the people and you will not pay for a lie. That’s all! They could not ever do that. McCain, who was jealous of Ted Cruz, couldn’t wait to run out and take blame for a shut down. He took the gun out of the hand of the House and ran and took it to Reid and Obama. Fear, my friends is the reason that people today still think the Republicans shut down the government; Obama does not back down because 70% of the people disagree with Obamacare. But a Congress with a 9% approval rating wanted to protect the opinion about them. Respectfully, I say, “give me a break Mr. Sowell.” They would have done better to figure out why they had such a low rating in the first place.

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