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Why there is no reason to fear metaphysical hypnosis

Hypnosis can help you tap into the powerful subconscious mind
Hypnosis can help you tap into the powerful subconscious mind

Metaphysical Hypnosis is a simple yet very profound process. It is the journey within and with help of an experienced practitioner it can be the most powerful and rewarding journey you every embark upon. There is nothing to fear as you are always in control and if the process seems overwhelming be gentle with yourself. This is an intimate journey that is not to be forced. It has been said when the student is ready the teacher will appear. The best teachings(miracles) come from within and manifest themselves outwardly. Only the bravest and most determined souls look within for their answers, they are also the wisest. Be still and know. Choose your hypnotic guide wisely and be certain your goals are aligned before you begin. What is it you want to know? Are there any decisions that need to be made? and most importantly...what are your fears? If you are afraid of the dark perhaps there is something in your past that perpetuated these fear and it is possible to overcome any fears allowing you to step into the light. Perhaps it is the light that frightens you. Do not be afraid. If you discover something that makes you uncomfortable during this journey all you have to do is open your eyes. Your facilitator will be able to integrate any feelings of uneasiness and/or discomfort. Remember this is your journey it should be comfortable for you. It may take more than one session to accomplish your goal. Your metaphysical hypnotist should check in periodically to gauge your comfort level. Never allow yourself to feel pressured or forced to do anything you are not comfortable with this is self inquiry. Ask questions and then ask even more questions. Make sure the hypnotist is licensed and insured. Ask for references and certifications. Check with your medical doctor and always follow their advice. Hypnosis is an alternative treatment.

A metaphysical hypnotist is a facilitator/interpreter who has experienced life from a physical as well as a spiritual point of personal introspection. They should have a knowledge of spirituality in things like prayer and meditation He or she should be respectful of your beliefs. Many fears are born of a religious or spiritual nature and it it important that your facilitator be open to discuss your background. Are you atheist or monotheist , do you believe in many gods and/or goddesses? Your religious or spiritual background can help the metaphysical hypnotist help you to have the best session possible. Perhaps you have encountered a situation or circumstance in which your spiritual values are conflicted and you carry some guilt or shame. A metaphysical hypnotist can help you sort through the issues so you can release feelings of worthiness and move forward with you best life. A spiritual or metaphysical hypnotist is not a counselor or therapist. They are simply there to gently guide you within and assist you in removing any roadblocks to your happiness.

Hypnotists can help you with issues related to habits like smoking and over eating as well as to overcome fears and phobias without going into spirituality. The choice should always be up to you what you want to discuss. When choosing a practitioner do the research and dwell in the possibilities. Be happy!