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Why the Xbox One is amazing according to 'Fable Anniversary' lead designer

The Xbox One is the third console in the Xbox line.
The Xbox One is the third console in the Xbox line.

Each and every owner of the Xbox One has had a different experience. Everyone values the varying features to contrasting degrees. Tim Timmins, Lead Designer on Fable Anniversary commented on the Xbox One during our exclusive interview discussing Lionhead's upcoming title which releases on the Xbox 360 on February 4 in North America.

"[With] the ability to utilize the cloud and obviously you have so much more horsepower under the hood, I just find it to be a very exciting console. I was fortunate to get one on day one."

What stands out the most to Timmins? The voice commands. "The amazing thing about Xbox One for me is I walk in my front door, and I say ‘Xbox On,’ and by the time I am in the living room, it’s on."

Amazingly enough it's this that reminds him of how much the original Xbox changed gaming. "It was a moment for me like when I first played Halo, I remember I unboxed my first Xbox back in 2001 and it had an Ethernet port and it had a hard drive," he says, "and now [more than] ten years on, I’m talking to my console."

"It knows me." To Timmins, that is more incredible than he could have imagined ten years ago.

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