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Why the World is Afraid of Russia

In 1992 at the dissolvation of the Soviet Union, the Ukraine agreed to give up its weapons to Russia in exchange for guarantees of Ukrainian territory from Russia. Russia however no longer feels they have to keep up with that agreement due to the recent change in government in the Ukraine, and so decided to take the land back. And with the numerous assortments of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, the world is beginning to wonder who could come up against Russia.

Russia currently has by far the most nuclear warheads in the entire world. Compared to the US with only 2,468, Russia dwarfs that estimate with a whopping 4,650.

During President Obama's first term as President he said he wanted to see a world without nuclear arms. He then signed an agreement with then Russian leader Medvidev which called for a mutual reduction in nuclear warheads, a maximum of only 1,550 per nation. And as the US was working to dismantle nuclear weapons and reduce those numbers, Russia never kept up with their end of the bargain. None of their warheads were reportedly dismantled.

In fact since the agreement was signed, Russia has been caught sending missiles to terrorist nations. Putin's answer to this was that Russia was selling these dismantled weapons and they didn't care who the buyer was. Shortly after, Russia was accused of sending scientists to their ally Iran, to show them how to make nuclear material, when Iran's efforts had previously failed. Now Iran is very close to, or may now have a nuclear bomb.

Syria another one of Russia's key allies had storehouses of chemical weapons in which the government had been accused of using on their own people. There is no doubt that these chemical bombs came from Russia as Russia is known as the biggest maker and supplier of chemical weapons in the entire world. Russia has a large number of chemical weapons factories, one only 70 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, filled with blister agents and nerve agents. There are also a number of factories that produce deadly mutated viruses. But there is one threat by Russia that may even be greater then all of these.

Russia showed what it may have been capable of doing in 2010. This was the year that Haiti was hit with an enormous 7.0 earthquake. Many homes were destroyed and over 22,500 people lost their lives. But shortly after this event took place, Russian subs were spotted leaving the waters off the coast of Haiti. Since then many people have wondered if Russia may have some how played a role in that disaster by shooting a warhead from a submarine into the coast of Haiti. Although there is no proof, the question is on people's minds and still remains unanswered.

Then another similar incident happened around the time of July 2012. Russian subs were reportedly in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico for three weeks undetected. It wasn't until they were leaving the area that the US government was even aware that they were there. At the same time this sub was in the Gulf, Russia had invaded the air spaces of Alaska and California. Next another Russian nuclear powered sub, designed to launch nuclear warheads, was spotted of the coast of North Carolina. Once again it went undetected, until after it left the area.

Now that Russia is promising retaliation for the sanctions placed on them, there are a number of things Russia could do. But was Haiti a possible test run to their nuclear sub capabilities? The US has never placed sanctions on Russia before of this magnitude, so it is very possible that Russia may retaliate by going into the Gulf of Mexico with their nuclear subs, fire a missile into the land from under water, and cause a tremendous earthquake in a region along the coast of the US.

Along with chemical, biological, nuclear and financial attacks, Russia also has technology that could block out satellite and communications signals. They have been advancing in computer technology which would allow them to knock out US power grids. So there are many reasons why the world would be afraid of Russia and why the United States must be on guard, now that Russia wants to retaliate. Whatever happens will happen quickly and unexpectedly. Due to their past actions and capabilities, Russia will make sure that recovery efforts would be difficult. Many things could happen at one time as the war begins to heat up.

There is no doubt that we are living in unprecedented times. The Bible says these things will happen in the end days when the tribulation hour begins. Wars will be so horrific that many will die. There will be no food, water or safety. Jesus is coming to save his people from this hour of trouble that will soon be coming upon the earth. Ask him into your heart and ask him to forgive you of your sins so that you may be counted worthy and escape from these things that are to come. Don't be left behind, get your heart ready for Jesus today!

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