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Why the World Cup is so Awesome in 2014

Everyone loves getting together to enjoy a common interest, especially when it involves the whole world. Soccer might not be everyone's favorite sport, but that doesn't stop millions from around the world to gather around a TV, meet at a bar filled with strangers, or even fly to Brazil to watch the World Cup.

World Cup 2014
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

It's no secret why FIFA chose Brazil to host the World Cup this year. They have a large population and GDP, as well as a humongous web penetration and smart phone use (which means more sharing!). Brazilians are some of the most active Facebook users in the world which accounts for attracting more trending topics and awareness.

Personally I think it was extremely smart to choose Brazil this year, because the South American market is difficult to penetrate, but if FIFA can do it in Brazil, then the rest of South American will most likely follow them and spread even more awareness. I mean, Brazilian Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima holds the record for most World Cup goals scored. He scored 15 goals making him top World Cup goalscorer and earning him a spot in World Cup soccer facts. Again, Brazil.

There's a reason why it wasn't hosted in India this year, even though India has over 1 billion habitants. Some don't know this fun fact, but India withdrew from the World Cup in 1950 when they weren't allowed to play barefoot in the tournament. So again, Brazil made more sense, they are more likely to wear soccer cleats.

I think the World Cup is most awesome this year because there is a special magic to it that I haven't seen before. More love, more energy, more excitement, and above all more togetherness. So if you haven't already checked out a game, there is one today between the Netherlands and Costa Rica. So get together with your friends, grab a drink, and enjoy the game!

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