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How the Ukraine Crisis Could Lead to War and a World Economic Collapse

The problems with the Ukraine run much deeper than what may have been originally thought. The truth is that the standoff with Russia is over natural gas and the money that is owed for that gas. Russia has been unfairly doubling prices, creating tremendous debt, in order to acquire land owed for that debt.

For many years, Russia had been supplying natural gas to the Ukraine which they in turn, would sell to their European customers. But on January 1st, 2009, Russia decided to double the price of that gas as they claimed that it was getting harder to acquire. It didn't take long then for the Ukraine to get behind on its payments to Russia, and by the time January 2014 came around, the Ukraine was already owing Russia, 2 billion.

In response to this, Russia allowed the Ukraine to borrow 2 billion, putting them even further in debt. So by March 2014, they were owing Russia close to 16 billion. Around that time, Russia invaded Crimea,claiming the territory as their own, saying they are acquiring land for debt that was owed to them. To make matters worse, Russia once again doubled the price on April 1st, 2014, causing the debt to sky rocket, even higher!

Now Russia is making new demands, saying that they will soon want their debt paid in full, or more land will be acquired. Currently the amount owed to Russia is over 16 billion, so in response, Russia has already started the process of a new invasion.

Russia has recently been accused of sending in pro Russian activists to stir up civil unrest, in three additional key cities.These activists are causing massive protests and uprising, while they are taking over government buildings.

51 people were reportedly held hostage in one of the buildings and later released, but the protesters are still holed up there. The Ukrainian government says that these protesters are terrorists and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

John Kerry says these new actions by the Russians are disturbing, as this is exactly what took place before the Russian's invaded Crimea. But measures have been taken by the United States and the European Union in getting help to the Ukraine and the NATO allies, in an effort to deescalate the situation.

The US, put together a 2 billion aid package, with half of it being a loan from the International monetary fund after a dispute on quota limits. The European Union vowed to contribute 15 billion which is a mixture of loans, credits and grants. The Ukraine is currently working out a new loan deal with the IMF. All this money going to Russia for unpaid debt.

A lot of money is being put on the line by the US, the International Monetary Fund and especially the European Union, with a whopping 15 billion. A new economic crisis would most certainly emerge if the Ukraine defaults on any of this debt. But there are more economic problems coming to Europe, then the world, as Russia is also threatening to cut off the gas supply due to this unpaid debt. But precautionary steps are being put into place to help counter act these threats.

On Wednesday, Ukrainian interior minister Arsen Avakov said that the protests in Eastern Ukraine will end within 48 hours through negotiations or by force. The US is preparing in case things intensify and Russia decides to make a move.

The US. Navy Ship Donald Cook heads for the Black Sea along with a guided missile destroyer as part of the latest military effort to demonstrate support for Eastern European Allies. And on April 15th, the US will meet with top NATO Representatives, to discuss recommendations for additional military measures if there was a crisis, as more military exercises may be called for. Ironically this meeting will take place on Passover during the first blood moon, which is also a so called sign of war.

There is no doubt about it, we are living in the last days and hours and the start of the tribulation could be right around the corner. Jesus is coming to get those who have washed their garments clean by repenting and turning away from their sins. Ask Jesus into your heart today, ask him to forgive you of your sins before its to late. The hour is getting late, don't be left behind. Ensure your place in paradise,by calling on Jesus today!

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