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Why the Super Bowl will never be played in Philadelphia

The Superbowl and NFL logo
The Superbowl and NFL logo

Those that were watching Super Bowl 48 saw a rarity last night, Feb 2 2014. A Super Bowl played in a northern state. Eagles owner Jeffrey Laurie has made a bid to have Philadelphia host a Super Bowl in the future. Forget it, don't waste anymore time thinking about such nonsense. Here is why.

In 1987 Philadelphia mayor Wilson Goode made a pitch to have the NFL host the big game here and was turned down. A lot has changed in almost 30 years. Veterans Stadium is gone and a great new stadium exists. We have added thousands of new hotel rooms and proved that we can handle a baseball championship. So why not Philadelphia ?

First is the weather. The stadium where football games is held is fairly new. It is an outdoor stadium. That means players, fans and broadcast equipment will be exposed to the elements. If it is bone dry and -10 degrees out, the game gets played. Fans that spent upwards to $ 3000.00 dollars for tickets will be forced to sit and freeze. At least players have heat jets to keep them warm.

Throw in the threat of snow and you have a huge problem. The NFL requires 24 hours notice to change the game time. 48 hours notice to change the date. So with the threat of snow coming you will have frantic people trying to change their travel plans. That puts the regional airports in a bad position. Once it starts snowing, figure in a ground stop and people cannot get in or out of the city.

What about those that cannot change their plans, They are screwed and will have to sell their tickets. If the game is scheduled for Jan 25, ticket holders make arrangements to take off work to co ordinate with their trip. Sorry, extra time off from work is not permitted.

The next reason is Taxadelphia. It's no secret this game will bring in a ton of extra revenue for the city. The tax is a percentage of the base price. The higher the base price, the higher the tax. That means the total price is in the stratosphere. The players union will be peeved that their tax earnings for players is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for each player. That alone is enough to discourage people working working here if they are not going to see much of a reward from it. If city council tries to waive the tax to lure the game to town, there will be a revolt as taxpayers will toss city council out on their collective butts , for giving a bunch of millionaires a tax break.

The tax is applied equally, and that means jacked up prices on everything. Figure $100.00 to park a car. $15.00 per beer. Currently, you can go to a game and pay about $25.00 for chicken tenders , fries and drink at the stadium. It's the Super Bowl, that just went to $ 42.50. Unless the Eagles are playing in it, most area residents will be watching from home. Those that do go will be fleeced by high prices and taxes.

The last reason is the increased security . Locals do not want to be inconvenienced by parking restrictions, bag checks and more hassle just cause they are going to be near where the game is or game activity is. In short the North Jersey experiment passed but it was more of a way of the NFL to shut us northerners up. NJ got lucky as the weather was nice, no local teams were playing and the stadium is near where the Soprano crew buried the bodies for Tony. No locals to get upset with local neighborhoods being near the game. NYC got into the act with the Super Bowl Blvd. which drew thousands. New Yorkers are used to extra checkpoints.

Figure in the three reasons, and the fact that the NFL owners do not want to travel up north to freeze , and you can kiss any thought of seeing a Super Bowl in Philadelphia for at least 75 years.

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