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Why the Special Election in Massachusetts matters to Louisville

On Tuesday, January 19th there is a special election being held in Massachusetts. Normally, this would be of little concern to the people of Louisville and have little effect on the people living here. But today, this is not the case. The results of the Special Election will have a direct impact on our state, on our city, and on each individual that resides here.

If Scott Brown loses, we as residents of Louisville will face massive healthcare changes that we will be taxed for immediately. While the healthcare legislation is front and center in this particular election, that is really only the beginning of the ramifications when the dust settles and all the votes are counted.

The people in Louisville have helped bail out the banks, major financial institutions, the auto industry and, if that isn't enough, now there is legislation working its way through Congress to bail out the Energy providers.

Legislation was already passed in the House of Representatives in June of 2009. Entitled the ACES Act or "Markley-Waxman" bill, it is s sweeping overhaul of energy laws that will once again be paid for by the taxpayers. As it winds through the Senate, the only clear way to prevent its passage is the magic number being reduced to 59, which will only be the case if Scott Brown prevails in Massachusetts.

There is an entire referendum of costly legislation being shoved through both the House and the Senate currently because there is no balance in our government. The Democratic Party sees this and is taking full advantage of the newly-found power we gave them last year. Each piece of legislation will hit each person residing in Louisville where it hurts the most - right in our pocketbooks.

I am a registered Democrat. However, I have grown weary of paying for everyone else's bailouts. I work hard each day and have yet to see any return. Bailing the banks out was supposed to free up lending, which didn't happen. Bailing out the car industry was supposed to help the economy, and I have yet to see how. Bailing out the Federal Reserve was supposed to be necessary, yet we have discovered our monies were used for bonuses, for investors, for reasons other than those intended. I fear inflation. I fear unemployment. I fear taxes that might deplete our state, our city and each of our citizens. And now they want our healthcare?

The outcome of this special election will affect Louisville. As a resident here, I have had enough. I never thought I would see the day that I would be rooting for a Republican. Then again, one should never say never.


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