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Why the sharp increase in Independent voters?

Candidate for governor Scott Smith
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There has been a constant exodus from the two party system since Obama took office. This has the Republicans and Democrats both wondering why as the Independents now outnumber both parties. Independents will tell you why. It’s because neither party is standing up for we the people, they’re too busy with their party agenda and getting elected to care. Voters are now more educated than ever before because of the internet.

Libertarians are gaining the most because they stand for liberty, justice and the American way. Whereas, the other independent parties all have agendas similar to the Democrats and Republicans. Since 2009 American’s have lost more liberties than ever recorded. It’s as though this administration is determined to abolish the Constitution, which Libertarians hold high.

Arizona voters in 1998 opened partisan primaries to independent voters, approving the ballot measure with 60 percent of the vote. As of Friday, 83,448 independents in Maricopa County had requested early ballots by mail for the Tuesday primary. This is double the amount from 2012. The Independents have been courted by the Democrats and Republicans but there’s good reason they went independent so don’t count on scoring.

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