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Why the rich feel just as broke as the middle class

There is a lot of controversy nowadays regarding the Bush tax cuts ending in December. While that doesn't necessarily affect civil servants like myself, it does affect a growing number of people who are earning a quarter million dollars or more per year. (perhaps I'll be there in the next year or so)

What I find surprisingly appalling is not that people who are making a quarter of a million dollars are complaining about getting taxed, but the fact that some of them are saying that they're broke.


Like "I have no money to buy a loaf of bread" broke.

Huh? How can this be??

I thought that this particular article was very interesting and well worth the read. Anytime you think the grass is greener, refer to this article. If the title, "Why the Rich Don't Feel Rich" doesn't make you want to read it, then nothing else will!  

Click here to read the article. Then come back over here and leave a comment. Or send me a message on Twitter.


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