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Why the left is suddenly so quiet about Obamacare

Obamacare proponents facing grim statistics
Obamacare proponents facing grim statistics
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

For many years, unheeded warnings were given to liberals from Republicans concerning the disastrous economic effects of Obamacare. Whether the left was blinded by their fantasy of universal health care that actually works or were simply supporting Mr. Obama because they love and adore him, it appears that they were incapable of understanding that what some now call the “Unaffordable Healthcare Act” would slow the nation’s economic recovery and destroy jobs. President B. Hussein Obama pushed through his signature law, even admitting that the term Obamacare–which liberals have now ceased to use–did not bother him. Unfortunately, proud as he was of this socialism-based law, the backlash is now coming:

According to the Wall Street Journal, Republicans' predictions about Obamacare are coming to pass. In August, 2014, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia released a report stating that directly due to Obamacare, over 18 percent of area employers planned to cut jobs. An additional 19 percent admitted reducing former full-time employees to part-time status to circumvent the negative financial ramifications of Mr. Obama's signature law. The New York Federal Reserve ran a similar survey, stating that approximately 23 percent of New York state-based manufacturers have reduced both the number of positions they offer and the number of hours provided to each employee for the sole purpose of staying ahead of the disastrous law and its socialist mandates.

The Atlanta Federal Reserve reported numbers even more grim: 34 percent of companies are intending to lower the number of positions they provide to American workers to avoid the oppressive tax penalties associated with the Affordable Healthcare Act. The numbers are in and they have nothing to do with “conservative propaganda,” as the left would have people believe. It is a grim outlook in the eyes of any person whose desire is a successful American business world.

There is no longer any doubt that the unconstitutional mandates associated with Obamacare will hold back the economic recovery of the United States. Most individuals with a reasonable amount of intelligence never doubted that this would be the case. The law will prevent America from realizing its true potential for economic growth that can only be accomplished in a truly free market. It is no secret to most US citizens that Obama is an arch-enemy of capitalism, and perhaps that is why so many liberals still support this absurd law. It is now common knowledge that it is definitely not the universal health care program that so many Democrats desperately wanted. It is little more than a way for the Federal Government to once again put their greedy hands into the pocketbook of United States citizens.