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Why the hive collapsed

A couple of years ago, bees were back in Ballston Pond having established a hive in the hollow of a tree. Excited, this reporter contacted Arlington County to request that they notify groundskeepers to take care while mowing around that area. They responded with confirmation and took appropriate action.

Pollinators at Lee Arts Center garden
Pollinators at Lee Arts Center garden
James George
A cake to celebrate pollinators at Lee Arts Center
James George

Next, commercial developers at Lincoln Properties in the adjacent property posted signs in the yard warning people with pets to stay clear because hazardous pesticides were being used to treat the lawn.

Of course, the beehive collapsed soon after. Death was upon us.

A good friend was visiting on an “Honor Flight” last week. He is a Vietnam War vet who is dying from Agent Orange exposure. That chemical was produced by Dow Chemical company. There are thousands of Agent Orange victims in the U.S. and likely tens of thousands more victims in Vietnam. The U.S. government has dragged its feet addressing the problem, maybe hoping that it will just “die out” like the bees.

Last evening at Lee Arts Center, there was an artists reception and celebration of the garden created for butterflies and bees that is located outside the print studio window.

June 3 - July 5, 2014

This exhibit presents works that were inspired either by texture, color, and/or literal impressions from the Lee Center’s Butterfly Garden.

The Flights of Fancy reception on June 18th featured the butterfly garden and a presentation on pollinators. The exhibit coincides with National Pollinator Week which runs from June 16 through the 22nd. Domesticated honey bees are the best known pollinators in the world, but they are not solely responsible for the pollination of all flowering plants. One in three bites of food are reliant on honey bee pollination and threats to pollinator populations affect the entire food system. Native pollinators play an essential role in plant reproduction and food production, in our gardens, on our farms and in wild settings. We hope you can join us on June 18th to learn more about our local pollinators.”

This garden and all of the actions by citizens to help bees and butterflies are important. As important is getting Congress to enact laws that prohibit the use of pesticides that are spoiling the water and killing all of us.

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