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Why the denial of human caused global warming?

Global warming debate very similar to healthcare debate.
Global warming debate very similar to healthcare debate.
Green Planet by Macronet

Human caused global warming, or if global warming even exists at all, and how it's caused, has been quite the debate these last few days. I for one, wonder, why the denial of human caused global warming? Many have cited that there are no "facts" that clearly state global warming is caused by humans. Well, here are some facts so I'll let readers decide on their own.

Pollution - I get the idea that pollution is NOT global warming. Global warming is a rise in the Earth's temperature.

Carbon Dioxide - Cars, trucks, power plants and some manufacturing plants release carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere through exhaust. CO2 is a greenhouse gas that effects the sun. (ZFacts). ZFacts also goes on to say, "It's almost 90 percent sure (that) humans cause global warming." This statement comes from the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change or the IPCC where scientists from over 40 countries agree to this fact. The IPCC also states, "We are dumping 1,000 pounds of CO2 per second into the atmosphere."

Greenhouse Gases - Other greenhouse gases like forms of methane gas have risen over 250% in our atmosphere. This industrial greenhouse gas is human-caused.

Other Issues - Causes for the rise in temperature,  more disastrous storms, ice caps melting, and species dying can be debated both ways, human or nature caused. Why? The facts are not in.

While the world raced to be the first on the moon or build the biggest engine in a car or build a better factory without thinking about the consequences, the harm these things might cause was overlooked. Not a second thought was given. When something makes our lives easier or provides us with something we want, we don't seem to think about what it takes, or what we will have to sacrifice to have that product.

Perhaps it is time for the debate and the denial of human caused global warming to stop as a debate and only offer clear, cold, hard facts from both sides of the table. Arguing will not get the job done. If scientists are to prove that global warming is not a hoax and is somewhat due to human caused elements, someone must, as the saying goes, "step across the aisle," and be willing to fight the good fight.

Scientists who say global warming is caused by humans must be able to listen to those who say there is no proof of that. On the other hand, scientists who feel global warming is not caused by humans must be able to listen to those who say there is proof of human caused global warming.

To me, the arguing and debating going on is ridiculous and uneventful. It reminds me of the debate on healthcare; much shouting with no real solution. Sure we can agree to disagree, but for an issue this important, isn't it time to share some information, listen to others points of view and in essence, share all the marbles?


  • allroy 5 years ago

    “CO2 is a greenhouse gas that effects the sun.”

    In addition to being factually inaccurate and irrelevant to the topic at hand (how CO2 in our atmosphere affects the sun is beyond my understanding), the author is consistently battling a misunderstanding of basic grammar. Even if her statement made the slightest sense, she has mistaken the word ‘affect’ for the word ‘effect’. It’s a common mistake, but not usually among serious journalists, especially if there’s an editorial process involved. My guess is that she is not a serious journalist and that she posts her drivel at will. Try using Microsoft Word, madam. Notepad just doesn’t cut it sometimes.