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70% of D.C. singles are unmarried. A percentage of those are in committed relationships, and many others would like to be- which make the odds for successful dating look pretty good. So why is this town such a hard place for singles (women especially) to have an active and satisfying dating life?

Start with the fact that there are 172 females for every 100 males here in the Nation’s Capital- which is the highest ratio of women to men in the country. Then factor in that many singles here say that they have little or no time for dating- that they are basically married to their careers. Your political affiliation also can limit your odds as singles in D.C prefer to date within their party. Then there is the job attraction factor- what you do can make you a player or a wallflower. Don’t leave out that money matters. You could have an interesting job that gets and holds someone’s attention- but the pay is so low that it impacts your lifestyle choices and negatively impacts your leisure time opportunities. Or you could be highly paid, but in a job that others find uninteresting and lacking in the star power that many D.C insider careers offer.

Does this mean that singles should just give up and continue focusing on their careers until such time as they can relocate to somewhere with better odds- like Alaska? No, not necessarily. What it does mean is that you should play the dating game in a more strategic way. Seek out events and groups where others with your political leanings might go. Don’t rule out fishing off the company pier- many folks meet their significant others at work, and right off the bat they have something in common. Seek out others who have other interests in common and who have similar lifestyles. Lastly, be realistic about your goals for dating and don’t set yourself up for failure. If you are looking for a husband or wife, don’t date players and people just passing through.

Most of all, try to be yourself as others will enjoy you more and you will attract like-minded people. If you try to be someone you are not, others will sense this and pull away. Relax and remember that smart dating is only one piece. It’s also a crap shoot and a numbers game- so focus on improving your odds.

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