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Why the Browns need to take Sammy Watkins

Sammy Watkins continued to show he was a top pick candidate by his amazing perfromance at the NFL Combine.
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Browns are looking to rebuild their offense with the multiple of picks they have in this year’s draft. One of these players the Browns should consider drafting would be Sammy Watkins. Yes the Browns need a quarterback, but some consider that pairing up Watkins with Gordon would make it easier for anyone to be the quarterback in Cleveland. Even Watkins admitted, “It would become a nightmare (for opponents) for us to match up with each other.” Although fans want a new quarterback, maybe taking Sammy Watkins would be a smart move.

First, all of the top quarterbacks in this draft have had questions about them. Blake Bortles answered some of his questions by throwing at the combine, but admits he has a lot to learn. Bridgewater told reporters that he is the best quarterback in the draft, but questions about his size and strength of last year’s schedule are still following him. Manziel had many questions during his draft including he measured under 6’0’’. These quarterbacks have too many uncertainties to become a “franchise quarterback” like an Andrew Luck or Peyton Manning. Taking a risk and passing on a player like Watkins would be crazy.

Second, Josh Gordon is down to his last strike on the NFL Substance Abuse Policy. He may have the most receiving yards title, but one more failed test and Josh Gordon is gone for the year. Look at the Justin Blackmon situation in Jacksonville last year and you know the NFL is sticking to their policy 100%. If Gordon does fail a test, at least we have another wide out that has been compared to an AJ Green or Julio Jones.

Third, even if Gordon doesn’t fail a test, the Browns may have the best two wide out pair in the country perhaps outside of Atlanta and Denver. Add Jordan Cameron to the mix and defenses would have a terrible time trying to contain all three. The Browns wouldn’t need an extraordinary quarterback, but one that could just get the ball out of the pocket. Hoyer showed he could do that through the three games he won during 2013 season. The two could do damage together against defenses.

Sammy Watkins could potentially be the best athlete on the offensive side of the ball in this year’s draft. His 4.43 40-yard dash, 16 reps on the bench press (leader), and 10’ 6’’ in the broad jump (leader), showed that he has the talent to be in the NFL. Watkins could be a dynamic player right out of the gate and is less of a risk than a quarterback. The Browns should take Watkins if given the opportunity and spend one of their other 9 picks on a quarterback (1st, 2nd, or 3rd).

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