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Why the Blog Hop Strategy is Ingenious Social Marketing

Curious about hosting your own blog hop? Learn more about this unique marketing strategy.
Curious about hosting your own blog hop? Learn more about this unique marketing strategy.
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Many crafty social media marketers are employing a truly innovative strategy for their social marketing efforts. This tactic is known as a website or blog hop and it helps to build increased social media followers while also spreading brand awareness and increasing website conversions. This unique approach to marketing offers a bit of exclusive content that's both meaningful and useful to a business' target audiences behind a Facebook Like-Gate that only provides access to said content when a user "Likes" the business page. The process sounds complicated, but when broken down into its basic parts, it's not too difficult to implement with some creativity.

Digital crafters have been making excellent use of this tactic and often host themed blog hops that provide a wide range of desirable design files, digital artwork, tutorial videos, and more in this manner. Often, a group of related companies or artists will collaborate together to develop a complete kit for their blog hop participants. Each collaborator develops and offers a small bit of this unique content on their Facebook page in exchange for any visiting Facebook users liking the page or subscribing to a blog. Here is an example of a past blog hop hosted by The Digichick for Digital Scrapbooking Day in 2012. Most of the presented links will not show the exclusive content offered during this event, however this provides a glimpse of how one structures links to all participants in a simple blog post.

Each featured link on a blog hop event routes click throughs to relevant website pages, Facebook pages, and more for participants to download the offered content. To setup such a structure, it is necessary for a Facebook page administrator to install an app that provides development support of custom tabs. Ideally, the administrator will want to become familiar with Facebook Like-Gates or Fan-Gates and choose an app that permits this type of tab creation as well. There are a number of ways to get started creating custom tabs, like-gates, and more. This HubSpot article provides a great overview of this process. Static Iframe Tab is another helpful option. There is a detailed tutorial using Static Iframe on Kathleen Garber's blog.

Blog hops aren't just for crafters! Take some time to brainstorm this concept and see how it might fit your business promotion efforts. Reach out to partner companies, friends, and related businesses within a similar industry. This is a wonderful way to generate new follower interest and spread awareness about a company within its unique niche or industry.