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Why the Bible points toward an American collapse

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In the gospel of Matthew, chapter 13, verses 14-15, Jesus illuminates the downfall of America.

Jesus begins: 'You will listen and listen again, but, not understand, see and see again, but not perceive...'

America is infected with cafeteria Catholics and Life witnessing imbeciles.

Every Sunday, Catholics participate in the One (Perpetuated) Sacrifice of the Cross of Jesus Christ, receiving the Body and Blood of the Risen Lord and Savior of all faithful people. Yet, American Catholic-Christianity produces lame replica's of Jesus, one's who bless themselves with the sign of the Cross with one hand, and curse God with the other. How else can you explain Pro-Choice Catholicism? How else can you explain Catholics who support gay marriage? How else can you explain a large body of Catholics disobedient to Christ's Apostolic Church?

And then there are the non-Catholics.

How can you witness the miracle of birth, and the dignity, and mystery, of death, and voluntarily abort babies and euthanize the elderly, the infirmed, and the developmentally challenged? America is the breeding ground of the cold blooded killer. Cities like Chicago are buckets of blood. And every city in America has a Planned Parenthood, with full buckets of their own.

Jesus went on to say: 'For the heart of this nation has grown coarse, their ears are dull of hearing, and they have shut their eyes...'

The HHS mandate has proven this nations actual disdain for Christianity, Catholicism in particular. Catholicism is, at best, tolerated, especially if it is either kept behind closed doors and, or, is practiced through the pathetic cafeteria mentality. Jesus is no longer the Lord of America, but merely a hobby for the supposedly odd and archaic.

Jesus finished, saying: '...for they fear that they should see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their heart, and be converted and healed by me.'

If America will collapse, it will be due to its disdain, not for the Mercy, but of the morality demanded by God. It seems Americans would rather play now and burn later...or, just make believe Jesus doesn't exist at all.