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Why the American breakfast is not as healthy as you may think

If your personal health routine is a mug of coffee and a doughnut in the morning, then you may have to rethink this. There are calories that trick you into losing weight. Millions of Americans believe that coffee, a cigarette and a doughnut will give them fuel for the morning. These are artificial energy boosters and empty calories.

Calories help provide energy to allow work to be done and will heat our bodies to maintain the right core temperature to sustain life. There are many other processes that go on, all of which depend on the consumption of calories.

When calories are empty they are not used properly and just kind of hang around in storage. Adipose tissue is the material used for storage. Adipose is where fat is deposited. When you get a good workout, like burning calories on a highly physical job or a planned out exercise routine, the fat stores start to diminish. You become leaner. So the muscle fibers become more pronounced when the fat gets burned.

Your body has a better chance to be healthy when dealing with raw foods, like a salad. Steamed vegetables are a tasty treat. Many people say that they didn't know how good vegetables could be until they ate them without adding cheese, a lot of salt and artificial flavorings. Don’t eat food smothered with dyes and artificial additives to give it flavor.

High blood pressure has been attributed to high fat consumption. Have a meal plan such as: Breakfast: cereal without added sugar; fruit, eggs and/or meat; whole wheat toast and juice. Alternate between citrus and fruit juices of the region to keep the acid down. Lunch: a salad, meat/fish/cottage cheese. Dinner: big salad, two vegetables and protein like fish/meat.

Shop the outer perimeter of the supermarket where you will find fresh produce and groceries and avoid processed foods on the inner aisles. You can count calories but don’t cut them out of your life they are essential. Individuals who don’t consume enough calories experience cold hands and feet, irritability and frequent headaches.

Processes like breathing, circulation of blood and cell functions rely on approximately 50% of your daily caloric intake. The other 50% depend on your physical activity level. A Basic Metabolic Index calculator uses these variables to calculate your energy needs: Gender, Height, Weight, Age and Activity Level. The UK Department of Health Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) has a daily calorie intake of 1940 calories per day for women and 2550 calories per day for men.

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