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Why the 93rd PGA Championship is just what America needs

Martin Kaymer holds the famous Wannamaker trophy after winning the 2010 PGA Championship at Whistling Straits.
Martin Kaymer holds the famous Wannamaker trophy after winning the 2010 PGA Championship at Whistling Straits.
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One of the great things about golf is that once you figure out it requires the vast majority of your focus, it becomes an even greater diversion.

And in these times where economic uncertainty is further dramatized by most journalists, people are more anxious than even the last few tumultuous years.

Television in and of itself, while it may be a way of escaping that which troubles the average American, can also be the source of added stress if you watch the wrong things. Watch the right thing this weekend—The PGA Championship, the year’s fourth major, may be all the escapism you need.

Click here for scores and to see the players who made it to the weekend.

BTW, The golf courses have been packed this week in Southern California after 3 out of 4 days of 500-plus-point shake-ups in the stock market fueled by large-volume sell-offs. People have been looking for a diversion and they can get it from playing or watching golf.

Golf gives us something to take our minds off the riots in London, collapsing economies in Europe, multiple wars in the Middle East, sex scandals, natural disasters, political divisiveness, unclean drinking water, global weirding, carmageddon, juvenile diabetes, Mexican drug-related violence, stress-induced alopecia, gas prices, the first vampire bat related death in the U.S., facebook sapping the global economy, a rollercoaster-like stock market, rollercoasters, red dots in your neighborhood, China, killer volcanoes, endangered species, how Jersey Shore is not an endangered species, steroids, etc.

Get out there in the fresh summer air and remember to: Take it back low and slow…keep the weight on the insides of your feet to improve balance…as your shoulders turn around a straight spine, arms stay in front of the body… butt of club points to target at the top of backswing, …downswing begins with weight shifting to front foot…bringing arms down automatically…hips turn as right knee stays inside of toes…club stays low after impact elongating swing arc for straighter and longer shot…to a nice balanced finish. Or, if you’re not ready for all that, tune in to the PGA Championship this weekend at the Atlanta Athletic Club.

Players will be battling each other and the Georgia heat for a ridiculously large golf trophy.


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