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Why texting ruins relationships

Communication is one of the most important pieces of a healthy relationship. So why do we find relationships failing due to lack of communication? It’s because the main form of communication in relationships has become text messages.

Texting is a great form of communication if you need to send quick messages to friends or family. However texting has become the only means of talking for people in relationships. People no longer pick up the phone and talk to one another. By eliminating the voice part of conversation, information gets lost in translation. Emotions are not visible through a text message, and therefore it leaves a large gap in conversations. When you talk face-to-face to your partner, you are able to read their mood and their tone of voice. You can see their facial expressions and how they react during conversation. But when conversations are solely texting, which often include abbreviations and sentences without punctuation, there is no way for your partner to hear the tone of voice or see a facial expression.

A simple text of “ok” can be misinterpreted as someone being short with the other person. If the text was “ok ☺” then the smile shows emotion that texting eliminates when the voice isn’t being used for communication. Texting has become the main form of communication in relationships, and relationships suffer as a result.

Texting not only creates problems during conversations, but also when your partner takes too long to respond to a text message, or doesn’t respond at all. This can become frustrating and often leads to arguments.

To avoid unnecessary arguments, don’t use texting as a main form of communication. Try calling your significant other to have a conversation so you can hear their voice, instead of spending three hours having a texting conversation. This will eliminate any miscommunications and misunderstanding that occur over texting. The less misunderstandings, the less fights and the stronger the relationship. Although technology such as texting can be great in most cases, it can cause a lot of problems in relationships.

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