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Why summer camp? The benefits of camp for kids

Campers may greet the morning with time in nature
Campers may greet the morning with time in nature
Photo by Ian Willms/Getty Images

Do you know when your child's summer vacation from school begins? When school's out for summer is a long-anticipated event for kids. Who wouldn't love to have more time to play and more time to sleep in? Parents also get a break from assisting with homework assignments.

But soon after the first few weeks of summer vacation, an age-old dilemma occurs with kids lamenting the same cry: "I'm bored!" If this has been your experience in the past, and you've researched ways to keep the kids busy this summer, you already know that involving your child in a summer camp experience is one way to prevent this dilemma.

Beyond beating summer boredom, here are a few reasons why summer camp benefits kids:

  • Summer camp doesn't have to be an overnight experience. Day camps allow you to pick up your child at the end of the day. These camps work well for families not interested in overnight camps.
  • Builds friendships: At camp, kids make friendships with those they would not otherwise meet.
  • Camaraderie: Camps that focus on a common interest build camaraderie among campers.
  • Teamwork: By participating in fun events like mud volleyball or an obstacle course, kids learn how to lose without being a sore loser and how to win while playing fair.

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