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Why squats is king of all exercises

powerlifter squatting
powerlifter squatting
Photo by Martin Hunter/Getty Images

Squats done properly may be the #1 overall muscle building exercise. It requires you to use your whole kinetic chain of muscles from your trapezius to gastrocnemius (calf muscle). During the exerice the abdominals muscles and postural back muscles are involved tremendously. Don't think of squats as just a legs exercise. A strong core can be built with squats. Nothing physically is more normal than a squat. Its the most natural human movements besides walking. Squats is high calorie burning exercise, and can be used as a fat burning tool. If you want to build rock solid muscle, total body strength and power squats is vital. It can be challenging to perfect the squat though. So working your technique is pivotal. Doing squats improperly can limit or even stop your muscle gains. Its essential that you examine your squatting technique. If you want to get better at anything it takes practice and knowledge.

Here’s the tips:

1) First have confidence in yourself to drop low on squats. 2) Take natural stance point toes slightly outwards. Stance you would use to take a crap in the woods! 3) If possible wear flat shoes. 4) Do a couple of box squats. Doing them will teach you how to sit your buttock back. 5) Stick chest out. It helps you keeps an upright posture perfect positioning for squat. 6) Make sure the bar is on your lower traps not on high traps and neck.7) Point elbows down. 8) Squat down low butt parallel. Now do the work!