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Why some Americans would prefer pigs over Jesus

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In Matthew chapter 8, verses 28-34, the people of Gadara chose healthy pigs over the saving power of Jesus Christ.

For many Americans, including 'Catholics' and 'Christians,' this would also be true.

Faith in Jesus has waned in this postmodern age of technological advancement and high brow intellectual skepticism. Add in a dash of popular mockery of religion, and the cult of scientism, and you have an American nation which chooses many things over the grace and Mercy of Jesus Christ. Aside from the Second Coming, and the shock of the reality of Jesus, His True Presence in the Eucharist, in the Scriptures, and in His Church (not to mention the poor and the compassionate) are undervalued compared to fame, fortune and creature comforts.

So, if Jesus came back today, which 'pigs' would win favor over Him?

The 'pig' of 'women's reproductive rights,' and all the chemistry which aids sexual licentiousness, would probably be chosen over the Lord of the Universe. Same sex 'marriage' would be a porker more desirous than Jesus. Many people would simply miss Jesus amongst them in the middle of maneuvering their thumbs along the piggy touch screen of their I-phones. When push came to shove, many would send Jesus packing if they had to give up their yummy bacon-like government entitlements. The pig of illegal immigration would certainly trump the Lamb of Justice! And let's not forget the ham-sandwich of self-indulgence, legalized marijuana...why remain sober to the saving-burden of God's Word when you can remain comfortably numb in Cheech and Chong stupidity.

And let's not forget those cafeteria hot dogs, the American Catholic rebellious to the Body of Christ on earth in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

But let's be honest. They've already chosen the progressive pork buffet over the Bread and Wine of Jesus Christ in self-sacrificial Love.

So, Judgment Day might be all about sheep and goats, but many of the goats will be bloated on too much pig, and not enough Jesus.