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Why Solange attacked Jay Z: Answers you've all been waiting for, or not?

The unanswered questions of why Solange attacked Jay Z in that elevator over the weekend are buzzing online today with plenty of speculation added in. The video that just about everyone has seen shows Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange getting on an elevator at the Met Gala after-party held at NYC’s Standard Hotel and Solange takes on a combat mode, kicking and hitting Jay Z.

Why did Solange attack Jay Z on the elevator? Three different scoops, all very different circulating online today!
YouTube screen shot

According to MSN Wonderwall on May 14, some websites think they know what sparked that deranged mode taking over Solange. She morphed into a fighting machine attacking her brother-in-law in an unladylike fit of anger as Beyonce stood by helplessly.

Apparently Jay Z has promised to help Solange with her career. She too is a singer and although she has a nice voice, she comes nowhere near Beyonce’s talents. That alone has to spark some sibling rivalry, but it was a little more than that according to some reports today.

Being in her sister’s shadow has worn thin for Solange. Jay Z has promised to take her career to the next level and so far no help has come her way from her brother-in-law. What the world supposedly witnessed inside that elevator was Solange at her breaking point after waiting too long for Jay Z to fulfill his promise.

Solange basically told Jay Z to stop stringing her along and if he doesn’t want to help her just say so. Apparently when Jay Z said he didn’t have the time to help her, the rage kicked in and this is what the altercation in the elevator was all about, so say reports today. Of course nothing officially has come down for the first couple of the pop music world, so this is all speculation.

The New York Daily News has it on good source that this rage started when two of Solange’s friends showed up for the Met Gala after-party and they weren’t dressed for the occasion. When they were told they couldn’t enter they used Jay Z’s name to gain entrance.

What reportedly happened next was Jay Z turned to Solange and told her “Don’t use my name.” This is when Solange became insistent on leaving the after-party. Then Jay Z supposedly said he had plans to attend a party that Rihanna was throwing and Solange lost it.

She said to Jay Z, “Why can’t you go home? She reportedly turned to Beyonce and said, “Why does your husband need to go to the club right now?” Jay Z’s reply was “You’re one to talk” and this is the point that Solange started her irate rage of kicking, punching and screaming on the elevator, claims that report.

People Magazine reports that their source claims Jay Z said something inappropriate to Solange and Beyonce, setting Solange off. Another source said Solange was drunk and that Beyonce and Jay Z appeared so calm in the video because they have seen her like this before. This account has Solange being protective of Beyonce over something Jay Z said.

The following night Beyonce and Jay Z said court side at a Nets game and didn’t look at all worse from the wear of Sunday night’s elevator brawl. Reports of Solange taking Beyonce's pictures down on her Instagram account also suggests that Solange is upset with her sister.

Whatever happened behind those elevator doors is really family business, it is just that Beyonce and Jay Z are the first couple of music and their life is unfortunately and open book while in public.

That elevator ride will most likely go down in history as one of the longest for Beyonce and Jay Z, not to mention their bodyguard who had all he could do but contain Solange when she flew into a rage. You can see Jay Z pressing the stop button in the elevator, most likely to gain some time to calm things down before the elevator doors opened to the public!

In the meantime, the Standard Hotel is investigating how this elevator security footage was leaked. They are prepared to take action against the culprit once they are found.

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