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Why social nudity?

Advertisements for nude recreation and travel are a good deal more common these days than in times past. In fact, there are travel agencies like Bare Necessities Tour & Travel, located in Austin, Texas that specialize in producing nude cruises with some of the most respected cruise lines in the world.

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Besides nude cruises there are also nudist resorts available both at home and abroad which range from the rustic to high end properties that rival the most luxurious clothed resorts.

Despite the cruises and bountiful club and resort options, some people question why they should be interested in taking a cruise or visiting a club or resort. Isn't it just as easy to enjoy the benefits of being nude at home? Can't someone be an authentic naturist or nudist without participating in social nudity?

Certainly you can enjoy being nude and can consider yourself a genuine naturist or nudist without ever leaving your home or own backyard. Most nudists and naturists do spend a good bit of time nude around the house and on their own property. But one thing that makes clubs, resorts and clothing optional beaches attractive is that for some the option of being nude at home isn't always available.

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Some share homes with other people, family or roommates who aren't into the nudist way of living and wouldn't be comfortable with open nudity. Many live in urban apartments or houses and lack the necessary privacy to relax or sunbathe in the nude outdoors. So whether they have an interest in social nudity or not, clubs, resorts and free beaches are their only option for safely experiencing clothes free living.

In addition, nudists and naturists like all humans are social creatures and enjoy socializing with like-minded people. They enjoy social nudity not because they are interested in seeing other people naked or being seen naked themselves, but just because it is an opportunity to meet, get acquainted with and converse with others who embrace the lifestyle.

The fact is you can eat all your meals at home but most people enjoy dining out at least occasionally. You can watch your favorite baseball club play on television at home but that doesn't keep people from wanting to actually go to the park to watch a game in person from time to time, just to experience the atmosphere of being in the midst of other fans and savoring a few ballpark hotdogs.

Nudism and naturism is quite the same way. Home nudists and naturists can get all the enjoyment and benefits of the lifestyle but it's also nice to go to a landed club, resort, or clothing optional beach sometimes just for the enjoyment of being in the company of others who embrace the lifestyle.

If you have never tried social nudity before, you should consider trying it this year. Who knows, you may find you like it, at least as a change of pace.

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