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Why Snowden must be retrieved

He must be retrieved along with the stolen media device, tried and punished severely as a leaker and traitor.

Viktor Bout under arrest
Foreign Policy

To retrieve Edward Snowden from the Russians will require that Americans possess someone of equal value to the Russians for exchange. The question about getting Snowden onto American soil for prosecution comes up on the assessment by the Department of Defense that his leaks have helped the enemy and made it more dangerous for American and allied soldiers.

“Snowden handed terrorists a copy of our country’s playbook and now we are paying the price, which this report confirms,” Ruppersberger said in a statement. “His actions aligned him with our enemy. We have begun to see terrorists changing their methods because of the leaks and this report indicates that the harm to our country and its citizens will only continue to endure.”

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In addition, the DOD assessment raises the alarm and concern that there is information out there vulnerable to exploitation by American enemies. The Snowden leak is a serious and persistent threat.

What does America have to trade for Snowden?

Here is one possibility: Viktor Bout

“Edward Snowden Might Be Traded For Arms Dealer Viktor Bout — Why the U.S.-Russia Trade Makes Sense
By Federico Schiavio July 2, 2013

Russia is now in a high stakes, heads-up diplomatic poker game versus the United States may be considering exchanging Edward Snowden for Viktor Bout.”

There is more on Bout at Foreign Policy:

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