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Why "Single" Isn't a Death Sentence

Single? CHECK!
Single? CHECK!
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Does it seem like you're the only single Sally in a sea of couples? Are you convinced that you must have done something over-the-top terrible in another life to be destined to this cruel solo existence? Well, stop it. Being single is not the end of the world, and here are 10 reasons why:

1.) Falling in Love

Whether it'll be your first time falling in love, second, third, fourth...okay, you get the point, but just think about how while your married friends may seem to have it all, they won't get to have those 'first time love' butterflies ever again. Instead of thinking "I'm alone", start thinking "I still have one of life's greatest gifts to look forward to!"

2.) Money

"Money makes the world go round," right? Money also makes relationships go round, which can become quite the expensive adventure. Think about how much money you'll be saving around the holidays! That alone is reason enough to settle your "forever alone anxieties".

Sure, buying and receiving gifts can be rewarding, but go ahead and check your bank account after six months of dating someone and tell me how rewarding that still feels. All the monthly anniversary dinner, and 'just because' surprises, and the sexy lingerie you buy to keep things spicy, it adds up, ladies and gents. So go out and treat yourself to something you've been eyeing up for a while and remind yourself, it's still cheaper than having a boyfriend or girlfriend!

3.) Freedom and Independence

The freedom of being single is something not to be taken for granted. How great is it not to have to feel like you need to check-in with a babysitter every time you need to leave the house? Your text may look something like this: "Hey babe, Jessica is having a girl's night, do we have plans orrrr should I tell her I'll be there?"

Ummm, no thanks. Enjoy your freedom to make last minute trips with friends without feeling like you need to ask permission first. 100% guilt free freedom. Now doesn't that sound glorious?

4.) You Time

Wanna sleep in, start a book, catch up on your DVR? Oh, you can't because you have your boyfriends little cousins third birthday party to attend and you still have to buy the little princess a gift? Bummer.

When you date someone, your lives will slowly but surely mesh together, and there will be plenty of times that you 'have' to do certain things or go certain places that you don't necessarily want to go. As a single lady or gent, there will be significantly less obligations you will be forced to attend throughout the upcoming days, weeks, and months. Enjoy!

5.) Stress

Point blank, relationships can be incredibly stressful. There are ups and downs to every relationship and the added stress is definitely one of the 'downs.' Not only are you stressed from work, and the average everyday stresses from being a human being, but throw in a boyfriend or girlfriend, whose work and everyday human stresses also become yours, and some days you'll be ready to erupt like a volcano spewing stress magma wherever you go.

If they had a bad day at work today, it'll surely affect your day as well. If your girlfriend is having a bad hair day and now feels one step above Honey-Boo-Boos mom on the attractive scale, expect your stress levels to increase with hers. No one said it had to be fair. Therefore, revel in the fact that whatever is stressing you out right now, are YOUR own stresses and not someone else's.

6.) Relationships with Friends and Family

While your shacked up friends are shedding water and sunlight into their romantic relationship, being single allows you to grow your relationships with friends and family. Sometimes when we're in relationships, we forget to show love the other important people in our lives. We understandably get preoccupied with our love interest and it can really do a lot of damage to the friendships and relationships you've been building for years.

It can be hard to remember not to put all of your eggs in one basket, but single people tend to have very close and loyal friends and great relationships with their own families. These are the people you should be falling back on when you're feeling down about being single; and they'll be able to lift you up and remind you that you're still loved even though you aren't in a serious relationship at the moment.

7.) Flings

You never know where or when you're going to meet someone. You can go to Starbucks on your lunch hour and next thing you know you're three dates deep with the guy who was in front of you that paid for your latte and making out on his black leather couch!

How exciting! Hook-Ups can totally boost your confidence and quite honestly, EVERYONE needs a good make out session here and there. These 'flings' will break up the monotony of life and make you realize that maybe having dinner with the same face every night isn't what you're ready for...yet.

Relish in the possibility that you may meet some hottie tonight to take your mind off of whatever is bothering you while your best friend, Marie with longtime boyfriend, David, is probably sitting on his bed watching good ol' Dave play the new Call of Duty for XBox for the next six hours. Hmmm, no brainer!

8.) Read

Not only is reading good for your brain, but most men and women (the kind you actually want to date anyways) will find the fact that you read both stimulating and sexy. But, a lot of people in relationships don't find the time to read between their dinner dates, shared family functions, and nightly Netflix binges. While the couple next door may be arguing over which romantic comedy to add to their instant cue, you can be appreciating some of the best that literature has to offer. Another point goes to you!

9.) Tweet on, Tweeters

It is officially 2014, and social media is all reigning. That being said, how many couples do you know that have gotten into legitimate battles over Instagram or Facebook? Oh that's right, EVERYONE. Isn't it nice to not have to think twice about who's tweet you're retweeting? Yes, yes it is. Or not having to worry about hearing flack because your ex-girlfriend's best friend liked your Facebook status? Yes, yes it is.

In a time where being connected is a huge part of today's culture, tweet, update your, blog, double-tap, and don't think twice about it! Dote on while you can, all you social media hounds!

10.) Career

Are you finally in a stable place? Something you've been working towards for years? Finally making your own money and surprising yourself every day at how far you've come? How nice it must feel to look in the mirror and know that you can stand on your own two feet without needing to lean on another individual.
Many couples put their careers side in order to tend to their relationship first. This is not necessarily 'right' or 'wrong', however, there is something to be said about a man or a woman who establishes themselves professionally before entering a serious relationship.

It is such a satisfying feeling to make your own money and buy things for yourself. It is important to make your own money for a while before you 'need' to share it with someone else. Besides, being a little selfish and focusing on yourself and your own goals never hurt anyone. Be YOUR OWN cheerleader before you have to be someone else's.

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