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Why should You use a Backlink Checker for Your Site?

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If you are building a website, run a blog, or maintain a business website, you have to be aware of the backlinks connecting to your site.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks, also called incoming links, are any link that connects one webpage to your webpage. These links help you grow your audience on the web by reaching out to more people. Plus the more quality backlinks your website has, the more popular your website becomes. This happens because people are willing to share your information with others and increasing your websites reach. Your website’s popularity and link sharing is really important because Google uses the quality and the quantity of these backlinks to help determine your website’s page rank when people use Google search. Having great backlinks is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website or business in addition to having original content.

Unfortunately, using backlinks is also one of the most commonly abused methods to move up on the search results. For example, back in 2011, JCPenny used "black hat" methods of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to increase its page. The company bought links on webpages that had nothing to do with JCPenny's retail market along with other unethical methods. They essentially used backlinks in order to try and cheat Google's algorithms. Because of this and other websites using spammy techniques, low quality links, and unrelated websites, Google began to heavily penalize websites that used these practices through manual review or by using the new update called Google Penguin. A Google penalty can very seriously cripple a website. These penalties can knock a website right off of Google's search pages and limit your audience severely. This was meant to discourage people from using these unethical methods to drive traffic. Unfortunately, some legitimate websites were penalized as well as the websites that violated the webmaster guidelines.

Avoiding penalties is one of the best reasons to have a backlink checker. It is of the utmost importance to your website or business. These programs will help you identify links that came from directory websites, spamming websites, broken links, or webpages that have hacked or spun content. Most backlink checkers have the ability to to check for links that directly influence your page ranking in Google. Through these services and programs you can verify links, check for the overuse of key words (which can trigger a Google penalty) and can even help you locate harmful websites or websites that use your website unethical and request link removal.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. You can always use backlink checkers like Aherfs or Moz but they are too complicated for the end user. Too much data which they can’t process. Plus, one needs to manually track the links. Using a backlink checker, like Linkody, can help keep your Google ranking as well as keeping your website traffic organic and growing. You can find many of these programs online and they often a vital part of any website.

You will often find that it is worth the trouble of checking backlinks in order to keep your website from being penalized. Google just wants you to keep creating awesome content, with a little monitoring, your website can be one of the best online.