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Why should you start a garden or landscaping

Why should you start a garden or landscaping
Why should you start a garden or landscaping

Gardening is cultivating the soul. Why not garden? We nourish the plants and in return the plants nourish human life in a variety of ways, to eat, medicine, nurtures animal existence and cultivates the environment with air and water.

Demanding that we grow

Plants and humans are interconnected, how can you not conceive of wanting to dig your hands into the sacred soils and by faith and the magic of Mother Nature, watch it grow.

The circle and rhythm of life

Growing a garden despite all odds. Your significant other would rather mow over it, the community thinks the vacant lot should be built on.

Gardening is calling on the nature spirits and invoking the elementals

Whether it be indoors or outside. The mysterious and the infinite. Be sensitive, open and listen. Channel love and live in peace. Calling on nature is one way to purify and ground you. The previous days stresses leave you and you find the mindless chatter leaves you. We empower each other, nature and ourselves, consecrating the space as sacred attracts both friendly people and spirits.

Aren’t you thrilled when a hummingbird stops by your feeder, or a gold finch its way to the bird bath? You can grow plants to attract butterflies or to repel mosquitos. You can save the corner of the yard so the bees may have a meaningful encounter while visiting your yard and to help sustain bee life.

Intense and concentrated beauty

Here is where the landscape melts into one with us and takes our breath away. The sanctity can be felt deeply. It sparks inner peace, hope and joy, and physical and emotional well-being, not to mention changes in behavior and emotions. It is these connecting experiences that makes us want to protect the plants, trees and earth. It’s playing with something that is greater than yourself. It’s wildly sensuous.

A tacit knowing of the aliveness

It’s an incredible love once you have experienced it, and one worth passing down to future generations. It’s a transcendent feeling of unity and bliss. Many who enjoy the outdoor enthusiasts speak of this same feeling. It’s humbling, it’s grace. The entire world rejoices.

Good vibrations

The encounters with gardening can change your life, it’s a transformation that never goes away. It could be you are inspired to plant flowers, herbs or vegetables, landscaped or wild. The common thread is the spiritual relationship that is created. It’s the outdoor challenge, to build a relationship with the outdoors.

A happy moment, creating neuropath ways in the brain

The brain constantly rewires itself (plasticity) according our feelings, thoughts, experiences and the way we use our bodies. Every time we use a certain pathway the likelihood increases that we will use it again. The more a gardener concentrates on gardening, the deeper those symptoms are etched into his or her neural circuits. They will garden and love again, propelling us to repeat the same actions to experience the same feelings and thoughts again, allowing us to rewire the brain to foster well-being and transformation. You create and deepen the neural pathway or well-being that might otherwise have not been there. We are lighter, freer, and we have transformed the energy.

Gardening is all about transformation

It’s a spiritual self-love work. The gardener transforms-changes the soil, the seed, the plant, the water, the space and the feelings. Living freer allows for clarity in our lives. Breathing and smiling, this is a happy moment.

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