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Why should you Prepare Strategic Defenses in Clan Clashes?

With millions of players enjoying Clash of the Clans regularly around the world and with their numbers steadily increasing there is little doubt that the game has beaten all its competitors as the best online game ever. The game itself is well conceived with enough creative ideas that mimic the realities of a battlefield and the fantasy world that it represents. This gives the game more thrill than any other usual games as the players need to exercise not only a little luck to play, but more of their skills. The game doesn’t simply count on raw attacks, but the clue to winning more gems and elixir is through planned preparation of your defenses. When you have made defensive walls around your village including towers you may think of attacking your opponent.

Steady build up of defense before attacks

You may not have any idea as to how your opponents are going to attack and what is going on through their pondering mind in this multi-player game. In order to remain in form despite all odds against you lined up by your opponents you need to accumulate elixir and gems to purchase your own troops and defenses.
A player therefore has to make his or her move cleverly and this is to spend the existing gems and elixir to prepare defenses around their own community. This is done by erecting walls around the town hall, elixir and gold storages. If you don’t have too much gold or elixir then you may at least fortify the weakest parts of your community.
You may also erect builder’s huts if you have some extra gems or elixir left or you purchase the same with real money too. Many of your opponents may be doing this to get advantage or few steps of extra leverage in the game. When you invest in builder’s huts then you can immediately start to upgrade the towers which are solid defenses.

Different types of combat options

It is not enough if you simply keep on building the defense as you may face sudden attacks from your opponents in the Clash of Clans and may lose some important fantasy creatures that can cost you lots of elixir or gold. Hence, you mustn’t lose them and therefore you must have some knowledge at the very beginning of the game as to which of these are the most powerful, most flexible and have the weapons that can destroy defenses as strong as the towers.
There are the troops that are divided into Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Dark Elixir Troops and Heroes. Each tier of soldiers has their advantage and you must battle with your opponents keeping this in mind. The Tier 1 consists of barbarians, female archers and goblins. They are quite powerful yet may not be able to withstand Wizard Towers and Mortars. Tier 2 consists of giants, skeletons and balloons.

The Tier 3 consists of dragons, healers and an armored warrior race. The dark elixir group consists of Golems, Hog Riders, Minions, Valkyries and witches. Lastly, the heroes are immortal barbarian king and the archer queen.

Making moves knowing the strength

You should know that the Tier 2 is more powerful than the Tier 1 yet they are below in strength when compared with Tier 3. The dark elixir troops have special strengths that none others possess while the heroes are immortal. It is their relative strength that determines the amount of elixir and gold you have to pay if you lose them in a battle.
While the fighting is on make a mental calculation as to how to spend your resources properly and prudently.