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Why should Universities be run like startups?


Are universities becoming a thing of the past? Currently one in three students won’t graduate with a degree, and the value of a Bachelor degree has consistently decreased since the millennium began.

Tuition keeps rising faster than inflation. This, coupled with student debt having never been this high, makes college look more and more like an option. When two out of three students leave college in debt, why put yourself through it?

MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses) are making education free to the public, and more are becoming available. While this is allowing for everyone to get in on education, the majority of institutes aren’t giving college credit for MOOC’s. College culture isn’t the same online, either.

A cultural collaboration can’t be fully reached online; communities can’t be formed at the same density. Universities also offer resources not available from your couch, such as labs. Networking works better in a university setting, where collaboration is truly fostered.

For more information on how Universities can not become obsolete, check out this infographic!