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Why should news always come first?

You may notice the surprised look on your children’s faces when you share that when you were their ages, television and radio news reports were only on certain times of the day. Also, the newspaper was the only other way to gather information. Nowadays, people are exposed to news around the clock. They can turn on 24 hour news channels, or tap the app on their Smartphone to get up to the minute news, local or national.
All of this technology can be very helpful, but you may notice that the ease of obtaining more news can also soak into your psyche, especially if all the reports that are featured are serious. You may not notice the changes yourself, but your family might pick up on your sullen moods and pessimistic comments. In times like these, there are ways to combat the negative feelings depending on how much news affects you:
• Find a balance—for every bad news story that is viewed, heard or read, immediately find a report that is lighthearted, or even better, inspiring. For instance, after absorbing a report of discovering a body of a patient missing for many days in a hospital’s stairway can really make you feel discouraged and get in a mindset that hospitals are not a healing place anymore. Before these thoughts take root, immediately search a website that offers happier and heartwarming news. That way, you are able to remind yourself that just like night falls, the dawn is around the corner.
• Limit the news—take a nostalgic turn and just access news on certain times of the day, just like it used to be years ago. Maybe you find you like to see the news first thing in the morning. Maybe the evening news can wind down your day. Just because you can access news around the clock doesn't mean you necessarily should.
• News free day—if you are sensing tension when viewing the news and your family’s comments are in agreement, you may want to consider declaring one day a week as a news free day. That means, for instance, no tuning into the 24 hour news channels. If you have cable, this has been made easier since two news channels went away. This day is meant to spend time with you family, catch up in non-news reading or working on a hobby. With this break, you may notice that you’re feeling that it’s not so bad not being up to the minute on every news story. There is always tomorrow to catch up or maybe you will establish to access news only one day week.

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