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Why should a man never waste a woman's time?

Often you hear that Millennials are a lost generation. To some degree, I agree but not for the reasons you may assume. For me, millennials are a lost generation for the fact we waste time on things that will never go anywhere. This is especially true for women in relationships.

Time: Are you wasting her time and yours?
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Women get screwed over by men because they feel if they wait long enough things will find a way to work in their favor. This is simply not true when it comes to romantic relationships. When you want something, you have to make it happen and you cannot be afraid to try.

Men waste women's time simply because they can do it without consequences. There are many men out there that will sit on the emotional fence jumping from one girl to the next until they cannot waste time anymore and pick a new emotional fence to sit on.

It's selfish and honestly women waiting around for happily ever never waste precious years of their lives with men that have no desire to have a real, loving relationship.

Sound advice to men: If after 12 months with a woman you cannot see a future with her for the long haul, be a gentleman and stop wasting precious years of her life.

A woman doesn't have unlimited time to find a good partner or start a family. Time is constantly ticking for a woman. Don't waste her precious years simply because you don't know what you want or whether you want it with her.

A woman will have no respect for you if you leave her uncertain and bail out with no warning. It just shows you're weak and unworthy.

No one deserves for his/her feeling to be misrepresented. If you want to bang every person you can, let the woman know so she can decide to move on or not.

A woman that wants to be a wife and a mother someday doesn't have the time or resources to waste time in a relationship going no where.

Just to give you an overview, the average woman has until her late 30's to safely have children. A man can have children as old as 55 or 68 years of age. See the difference?

So to all the men out there, stop being passive aggressive. Man up. Speak your mind and give these ladies something they can never get back - time.

If she thinks you're the one and you're still on the emotional fence about her, it's a crime to drag her along, especially when you have in mind to eventually leave her. It robs her of the most precious resource in life...time. Don't be that selfish. Let her have the time to find someone that truly loves her.

It's the adult thing to do. It's the mature thing to do. Don't rob a woman of happiness. If you're not in it for the long haul, it's no use to be in it from the start.

You're not doing that woman any favor by stringing her along. You're not doing yourself any favor because you haven't met the woman you truly love.

If you're not on the same page( which is required), it's not going to work. Not now. Not ever.

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