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Why she says no - the reasons real women aren't always in the mood

Sometimes she really is too tired for romance... but you can help get her in the mood.
Sometimes she really is too tired for romance... but you can help get her in the mood.
Jean Pierre G

Ever wonder why the love of your life is sometimes all over you but completely disinterested at other times? Sure, she might offer an excuse, but what are the real reasons woman aren’t in the mood? Here are some common reasons woman turn you down and some ways you can improve your chances of nighttime attention!

She’s too tired

Yes, it’s true, sometimes we actually are too tired. With all the things woman have to do each day, sometimes sex is the last thing on our mind. Trent, a local businessman, recently discovered how tiring a day in the life of his wife really is when she fell ill with a flu. After spending just two days in her shoes, taking care of the house and two children under 5, he proclaimed, “No wonder she’s tired all the time!”

She’s not feeling sexy

Guys often don’t understand that woman have to be in the mood. They also don’t understand what having a ‘fat’ day is all about. Sometimes she isn’t in the mood for intimacy because she just feels ugly. Luckily for you, this is something that you can help change! Make her feel special, complement her, and take over some of the daily chores so she can relax.

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She’s stressed out

Guys get stressed, but most of the time it doesn’t derail their sex drive. This is why it is hard for them to believe that stress can be a big turn off for women. Sarah B., who works as a manager in a local retail store, gets really stressed when her store gets visits from corporate. “For a week before I’m just not in the mood, I just can’t relax.”

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The bottom line is that she isn’t turning you down just to be difficult. Women are different from men when it comes to sex and moods. We don’t have a switch you can flip to turn us into sex-crazed vixens. Understanding that will go a long way to improving your sex life and raise your level of intimacy with your mate!



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