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Why Sex Addiction Is A Problem For These 8 Celebrities!

Celebrities With Sex Addiction
Celebrities With Sex Addiction
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Dealing with the effects of sex addiction can be a major problem for people out there. This is why several prominent celebrities have sought out help in the past, giving them the support that they need to cope with these issues. Celebrities will often serve as role models for people throughout the country, which makes this a difficult subject to broach. Many people will want to review the sex addiction issues faced by these celebrities, since it could impact their own lives. This is why many celebrities have discovered that they can receive a significant amount of support from professionals operating in their area.

1. Nicole Narain
Female sex addiction is another prominent issue that people should consider over time. Nicole Narain was a playboy model and prominent celebrity in her own right. In 2009, she made a public confession to Dr. Drew that she was suffering from the effects of sex addiction. She mentioned that she had engaged in random sex acts and that she was actually engaging in chronic masturbation.

2. Michael Douglas
It is interesting to note that Michael Douglas was one of the very first celebrities to publicly state that they had a sex addiction issue. He made this announcement in 1990, in a time when sex addiction was relatively unheard of among the general population. Douglas was able to describe his time in a treatment center, which brought in attention to the issue. This helped people gain a better overall understanding of how sex addiction can affect the lives of many people out there. It also encouraged people to try to understand more about their own sex lives and how they can be impacted along the way.

3. Tiger Woods
Though he may be one of the most talented golfers in the world, Tiger Woods suffered from the effects of sex addiction. He had a notable admission when he was found to have cheated on his wife several times. This ultimately resulted in a divorce from his wife, which caused some prominent issues to occur. Woods was a prime example of how sex addiction can increasingly affect the lives of many people. It would ultimately affect Tiger's performance out on the golf course as well, which lead to some prominent issues.

4. Jesse James
The motorcycle enthusiast and television host has had some prominent issues with his own sex life. He admitted to dealing with the effects of sex addiction and receiving treatment of his own. Jesse James asserts that this addiction caused him to cheat on his wife Sandra Bullock, who is a noted actress. This eventually would lead to the breakup of their marriage and cause further difficulties for them. Much of his treatment would ultimately focus on different types of abuse that he faced throughout the course of his childhood.

6. Eric Benet
Since he was married to actress Halle Berry, Benet has gone through some difficulties with his marriage. This is owing to the fact that Berry would ultimately discover his infidelity, which lead to conflict between the two. Benet would go on to deny that he was an actual sex addict, though this did lead to some prominent discussions. Professionals think that denial is a major barrier to receiving treatment for these conditions.

5. Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen has dealt with the effects of sex addiction for years now. He first gained attention from the media during the 1994 trial of Heidi Fleiss. Fleiss testified that Sheen had paid a substantial amount of money for services from her prostitutes. Sheen has actually never admitted to being a sex addict, though many have had their speculations over the years.

7. David Duchovny
Though Duchovny once played a sex-obsessed writer in the TV show "Californication", he would actually suffer from the effects of sex addiction himself. Duchovny would ultimately split up from his wife Tea Leoni, though they have reconciled since then. His is a case study of how people can be affected by these issues suddenly and how dramatically it can impact their lives.

8. Kari Anne Peniche
The former teen model faced some prominent difficulties over the years, since she was faced with a few sex scandals. This would ultimately lead to her admitting that she was suffering from the effects of sex addiction. She posed for a few different publications and experienced a much different form of sex addiction than what is traditionally followed for males.

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