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Why sew?

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Years ago, learning to sew was part of the school curriculum. Girls took sewing and cooking and boys took shop. It never occurred to anyone to switch up and surely today there are many women who wish they had taken shop and learned to use tools instead of a sewing machine. However, if you took sewing, you learned how to make all of your own clothing and when that special event came and you couldn't afford to buy a new garment, you could make it for less than half the price.Today's sewers find things a little more expensive but there are so many patterns to pick from and beautiful fabric everywhere. So why should you sew?

First might be a need to satisfy your creativity. Do you want to stand out in the crowd and wear something truly unique? Do you have a need for special fitting and find it easy to change your pattern for your personal size? Or maybe you like to combine patterns and come up with something that is brand new. Whatever your creativity need is, sewing can help you accomplish this. From baby clothes to bride gowns, boys to men, housewares to petware, you can find a pattern.

Sewing might also help you save money. Though patterns have gotten expensive, each pattern company has low priced patterns, many for beginners, and have a good selection. Also, Ebay is a good source for inexpensive patterns and there are thousands to pick from, either buy-it-now or through bidding. You will also find many vintage patterns that are from the 30's and 40's to present day, many forerunners to today's styles. Fabric can be purchased from a variety of places too. WalMart carries a good selection, and prices start at one dollar per yard. There is Hobby Lobby and Joann's, as well as independent stores, and these can be found in many towns. In Vineland, NJ, The Pin Cushion carries a wonderful selection of fabrics and they have moved to Delsea Drive near Toyota. Check them out online but going to the stores offers visual delights for the person who loves fabric.

Homemade gifts are always appreciated and sewing is an excellent way to create a gift that is very special. You can sew for baby, create an apron or tote bag, sew a fluffy velour robe for that special someone or create an heirloom christening gown. There are patterns for each of these. You can add your own special touches with embroidery or appliques, feathers or beads, and create something that will be treasured for years.

So again, why sew? Sewing is an art form that will last for all time. It might not be taught in school anymore but it still is a skill that many have come to appreciate, men as well as women. It creates jobs, it creates beauty, it gives personal satisfaction. It can be a source of pride by the sewer. It can be a small business, it can sustain your wardrobe. Whatever your reason, it can enhance your life.