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Why seniors should adopt a cat

Choose me and I'll enrich your life
Choose me and I'll enrich your life
Karla Kirby

It is true, seniors retired, empty nested and free generally have more time to spend on loving and nurturing for their cats than most. Cats don’t judge people based on their age, where they work or even their physical boundaries. They only know they have a person to love and who loves them right back. A feline’s dedicated and affectionate nature can make a senior owner more contented and even healthier. Medical professionals who work with seniors have long distinguished the benefits a cat can make in the life of an elderly person or couple.
Being accountable for another living creature can affix new significance and principle to a senior’s life.

.A cat tenders a sweet sense of security and autonomy, helping to prevent anxiety, melancholy and lonesomeness.
Frequent clinical studies confirm that owning a cat can promote a human’s physical health. For senior people that means decreased stress, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, reduction in bone loss, and improved blood circulation.

Caring for a cat with activities such as grooming feeding, and taking to the veterinarian for check ups helps people stay full of life, both mentally and physically, and therefore improves and increases the quality of life.

Cat personalities should be matched with a person’s personality and life style. Adopting a cat from a pet rescue center where the feline has been in a foster home is one outstanding way for seniors to get a cat whose personality is known and documented.
It is a good idea for a senior to choose an adult or better yet, a senior cat. True, their personality is already developed; but it often is a good personality.

Owning a cat embraces a humane accountability to that cat for their whole life. Cats often live 15 years or longer, but even healthy cats need regular veterinary care. Remember, accidents also occur. Before adopting a new cat, have a financial plan in place that will guarantee the care of your feline if you are someday unable to provide full or partial care of your cat.

It is not foolish to put your cat in your will. Provide cash and perhaps other valuables to ensure your cat will be able to live out a full, good quality life to a cat loving friend or relative... Yes, people in their eighties, even nineties have adopted cats and enriched their lives 100%.

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