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Why Sales Enablement Matters

Luis Balaguar

So why does Sales Enablement matter? I will tell you why.

Sales reps struggle greatly with the tough role they play. Products and services are always changing with time and sales reps need to also keep up with the rapidly changing customer behaviour. Therefore, it becomes vital to pay extra attention to the conversations between potential buyers and the sales person. This is the reason why most sales people spend a great amount of time in preparing their sales pitch, which they need to induce the customers to buy the products. The concept of Sales Enablement has solved much of this problem. Sales Enablement is a good technology solution which has been helping sales people with their sales techniques and pitch.

Old techniques are simply getting “old”. Customers are getting tired of this and sales reps need to start looking for new ways to sell their products. A sales enablement platform will take care of this by making the customer the center of the equation by providing capabilities, features and usability required for real customer engagement. Customers who will share their point of view will become very helpful for the sales reps so that they can build rapport with them.

Having the sales enablement app will benefit both the customer and sales rep. Analyzing the conversations between the two will help sales reps define their selling technique and will help the customers become more engaged in their product so that there is a better chance of them purchasing it. This solution has been found to be extremely useful in creating great channels for feedback and creating engaging content. This also gives the sales rep a better understanding of the product they are selling.

Having a sales enablement platform defines the structure of the portfolio, driving the sales behaviour of the customers and also the product marketing resource. Sales and Marketing must work together to drive this sales behaviour. Why not give them the tools to do it right? This is helpful in bringing together the efforts of various departments so that the sales can be increased. The marketing team will centrally control your company’s brand and message while engaging your sales reps with customized content, ensuring maximum delivery of your message. Mobile sales enablement will help discover what your sales reps are talking about with the customers and what works and what does not.

Therefore, sales enablement is extremely necessary for the growth of an organization. Sales Enablement Matters!

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