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Why, Robin Williams, why?

If certain things hadn't happened in my childhood that made me very depressed, which may have been one or the other of my parents' fault, or maybe not really, who knows, it was probably the way Destiny would have it and they were just the vehicles, maybe also a reason was that I was born only ten years after the Great Massacre of 6 Million Jews in Europe, and after, also, the impossible, indescribable shock of the Great Bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, if I had not known depression from the inside from my earliest years, I surely would have grown up spouting naively and arrogantly, "I really don't know why people get depressed. This is the richest country in the world [for some], we have the best doctors, the whole world is at our feet, why be depressed?"

Indeed, why are so many people depressed? Nobody's childhood was that good, there was always something we wanted that we didn't get, it could have been a dog or a cat or a car for your 16th birthday, or kisses good night, or maybe just shoes, economic problems are everywhere, either we have too little or too much [yes, when we have too much it can be just as devastating], man's natural instincts are to be on the prowl sexually and to hunt down food and each other when their territory is being encroached upon or to obtain certain commodities or for whatever reason they choose. Women suffer in childbirth and at the hands and whims of men. Men's precious egos suffer when they can't have or be what they want, when they feel they're not "successful" enough [to please whom?].

This is life, my life and yours. And these are just some of the reasons why.

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