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Why relationships fail

Why relationships fail
Why relationships fail

There is no better feeling than loving and being loved, and nobody can argue that. Sooner or later, most of us want to find that perfect person who is not only going to keep us warm at night, but who will be a constant part of all our plans and goals. Nonetheless, many relationships and marriages fail these days, and the reasons why this happens are many. Here is an insight into some of the most common reasons why relationships fail these days:

1. Lack Of Commitment

This is by far one of the most common causes of break-ups and divorce these days, almost as common as infidelity. In other words, if you are not truly committed to the person you see as your significant other, you should not expect any positive outcome out of this. If you are not willing to discuss, to open yourself to somebody and to truly build a future next to the person you love, then the relationship is doomed to fail before you even get the best of it. In the end, nobody is fond of false hope!

2. High Expectations

We may lie to ourselves sometimes that our expectations are not too high and it is better not to have any expectations at all and to be pleasantly surprised than the other way round, but the secret is that we all hope the person we just met is “the one”, deep inside. This is wrong, because high expectations may not always come true, and sometimes the person we see as perfect or flawless at first turns out to be far worse than we ever dared to imagine.

Real life is always different than how we picture it, and the shock of realizing this often leaves us confused, and eventually single. Sometimes, it is impossible to avoid being disappointed, but it is very important to understand that each person has their qualities and their flaws, and so do you – the first step towards building a long-lasting relationship that can end up in marriage is to simply accept this.

3. Lack of Trust, Communication And Jealousy

Although these may seem to be three different causes, they are actually connected to each other. When a couple does not communicate efficiently, jealousy steps in and along with it, the lack of trust. Trust, friendship and good communication should form the foundation for a solid and long-lasting relationship, and when one of these elements is missing, then that relationship is surely doomed to end sooner or later. When there is lack of trust, the communication breaks down and can lead to jealousy.

Jealousy is yet another leading cause of break-ups these days, and in some cases we even end up being jealous on our close friends. Jealousy and envy make us ugly on the inside, they start to devour us from inside out – it is that lack of security and confidence that drives us insane to the point when we can no longer take it, and when that happens, we tend to end relationships in an instant.

4. Financial Reasons

This is a touchy yet complex and common reason why millions of couples break up every year. As disappointing as this may sound to some of the readers, fairy tales are not real and there is no perfect prince charming to support you. If there is a huge gap in the social and economic status between the spouses or the lovers, then this can lead to insecurities and communication problems. The negative effects of finances on relationships are a major problem these days, especially when one of the two starts to spend uncontrollably. It is even worse if the money he or she starts to spend are not rightfully theirs in the first place.

5. Cheating

Cheating – everybody’s favorite discussion topic. Just like it happens with break ups, cheating also has many different underlying causes, from the lack of communication, trust and sexual satisfaction to financial issues. It often happens that infidelity is an unforgivable act, one the couple cannot get over with, so they decide to simply break up. Cheating is always the number one reason for break ups.

6. Lack of Emotional Maturity

Last, but not least, not everybody is willing or ready to commit before they reach a certain point in their lives, when they simply need to settle down. Immaturity is a common reason why couples break up, especially when the other one tends to be very realistic and organized.

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