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Why publicly discuss targeting ISIS leader?

CNN and Barbara Starr reported this evening that the U.S. is considering targeting Al Bagdahdi, the ISIS leader for assassination. Would you not presume that the terrorist leader would be on the target list just as was Osama bin Laden? Do we need a blow-by-blow discussion of military strategies and tactics like this? What is the purpose and the pont? It appears to be sensationalism pure and simple.

Assassinate al-Baghdadi?
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Now, if CNN wants to pursue a story, follow this lead. The U.S. needs a formidable strategy for addressing the global Jihad launched by ISIS. The terrorist acts by ISIS when linked with other acts such as Hamas and Hezbollah constitute an enormous threat. Interesting now is that there is division as Sunnis and Shiites are in opposition.

What is essential is a strategy that appeals to moderates among all Muslims to pursue peaceful coexistence with the free world. Anything short of that pits the free world against radical Muslims no matter what their sect.

The lead in this story is about the public discussion in targeting ISIS terrorist leaders. They all should be targeted because we are at war against terrorists. The concern is that there may be civilian casualties in a strike to remove them. Yes, that is the problem in war. It is a problem when people, citizens of nations, permit terrorists to live and operate in their neighborhoods. Either people must fight to remove them, or risk being casualties in the process of others taking them out.

Standing on the sidelines is not an option for people in the Middle East who are surrounded by war. They must take sides.

If there must be public discussion, it should be about how peace seeking people who want to resist terrorists can get some assistance. To whom do they turn. What is U.S. policy for supporting people in the Middle East who want to align with the free world?

“Pentagon considers how to target ISIS leader in drone strike


From Barbara Starr CNN Pentagon Correspondent

The Pentagon is considering under what circumstances it will recommend President Barack Obama authorize the use of a missile-equipped drone to kill the leader of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, CNN has learned.

Any such mission to kill al-Baghdadi would have to be approved by Obama, according to several defense officials CNN has spoken to at length. All of the officials have direct knowledge of the intelligence gathering efforts in Iraq, but declined to be named due to the sensitivity of the information.

"He is a person of great interest to us," one defense official told CNN. If the U.S. military were to recommend a drone strike against al-Baghdadi, there would have to be specific and detailed intelligence showing his location at the moment of a strike and intelligence to assure that civilians would not be at risk. In order to launch a kill mission, the U.S. has to demonstrate the target poses a threat to the U.S. Al-Baghdadi's ISIS organization does threaten the U.S. Embassy and U.S. citizens in Iraq, according to U.S. officials.

It is also possible the U.S. could turn the information over to the Iraq government for it to conduct a capture or kill mission against the ISIS leader on its own. Another point of consideration would be the impact of a U.S. strike on the situation in Iraq and whether the U.S. would be seen by Sunnis as siding with the Shiite-led government.

Al-Baghdadi already has a $10 million bounty on his head from the U.S. government's Reward for Justice program, which offers multi-million dollar rewards for information leading to the capture of certain high value terrorists around the world. Last week, al-Baghdadi made a very public appearance at a prominent mosque in northern Iraq. Eyewitnesses said he drove up to the mosque in a large convoy and remained surrounded by civilians.”

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