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Why Protest Halloween?

Nick impersonating Jesus
Kacey Cornell

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I thought I might look back at Halloween ('cause it's more fun, haha). Straight to the title question, shall we? If anyone who has protested Halloween would like to answer that question, please feel free, but know that I'm looking for a reasonable answer. Something not like, "because it's a sinful holiday" since that doesn't tell me much, especially considering there's no such thing as "sin." I don't particularly see any real benefit. Perhaps the ideal goal is to try and "save souls" (which also don't exist), but I don't see why anyone would think protesting Halloween might accomplish that.

I spent this past Halloween in New Orleans (at CSI Con) and went out to Bourbon Street Saturday (29th) and Monday (31st) nights. Saturday there was one Christian group there. They had a large cross they stood around, most of them looking disgusted, clenching their Bibles to their chest, while one man shouted scripture out of a megaphone. That night I briefly talked to a woman who approached me as a bunch of people were taking silly pictures in front of the cross. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to keep up with the conversation, so that engagement didn't last long and we were on our way.

Monday night there were three groups. The same one as before along with one who just stood in a circle looking mad, holding up large banner signs that quoted scripture and said we were going to hell. The third gathered around a smaller cross, handing out tracts. I was feeling silly, so I walked up to one woman and asked her if I could have a tract (I collect the "good ones"). She handed one to me, then I asked for another (just to see how many she'd give me). At that point she stood from her chair and asked, "What are you going to do with them?" I thought for a moment, looked into her eyes, and took a bite out of it. Aghast, she shouted, "You're eating the word of god!" and I took another bite, spit it out and walked away.

Needless to say, we had a good time on Halloween and, in a sense, the protestors enhanced the comedic amusement of our evening to some degree. Oh, and if anyone is curious, the guy in the picture was Noob Saibot and I was Sonya Blade.

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