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Why Project Management Certification Matter?

project managment certification
project managment certification
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Want to be an expert in project management skills? You can go for the Project Management Professional courses. It can make a high impact on your project manager’s career graph.

What is PMP?

PMP is a recognized project management certification exam which is offered by PMI (Project Management Institute). PMI offers five different programs which are basically related to evaluate or enhance project management skills. These programs are:

  • Program Management Professional
  • Project Management Professional
  • Certified Associate Project Manager
  • PMI Scheduling Professional
  • PMI Risk Management Professional

Among these certifications PMP is the most talked professional certification program. PMP course is based upon initializing, planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling the project to make the project lead to a smooth closure. After the course completion, you are evaluated by facing a four hours exam based on a set of multiple choice questions consisting of 200 questions. However, the individual is evaluated on only 175 questions.

The remaining 25 questions are for research based questions. The questions are used to evaluate the project management skills of an individual. Each question has only one correct option. You have to select 105 correct answers out of 175 questions to get the pass marks. However, there is no negative marking. You can get the certificate of PMP exam after 60 days from the day of examination appearance.

The volume of questions is divided on the following domains:

  • Initialisation -13%
  • Planning -24%
  • Execution -30%
  • Monitoring and controlling -25%
  • Closing – 8%

The examination is scheduled at any authorised Prometric testing centres. It is an online exam hence the results are declared immediately after completing exam. However, for those areas where do not have Pro-metric testing centres, PMI provides the facility to conduct exams based on paper. In case of such exam, result is not generated after exam completion. You can view the result at PMI authorised website after successful completion of exam.

Who is eligible for the PMP course?

This course is basically designed for managers who want to excel and grow in their professional career. If you have passed your high school or equivalent exam and you are having more than five years of project management experience, which includes project management and project lead experience, this course is beneficial for you. However, if you are a graduate in any discipline, only three years of project management experience is considerable.

Understanding the course contents

You can enrol for the course at various training centres for better understanding of the concepts of the course. However, if you are good at self-learning, you can even consider PMI website, where it is a four day self directed course which is based upon PMBOK.