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Why processed sugar is making you fat?

In our society we eat a large amount of processed sugar. We do this without realizing it is happening. We go to restaurants and receive sugary drinks for most meals.

We really don’t realize the amount of sugar these sodas carry. A can of soda has around 40 grams of sugar. In order to get rid of fat a body builder will stick to around 15 grams of sugar a meal or less. When you cut your sugar intake you burn fat a lot quicker.

When you indulge in processed sugar your liver simply can’t process those amounts so it converts that sugar into fat. Also when we eat this sugar it produces a sugar high that leaves you wanting more.

Natural sugar found in fruit is not the same a processed sugar. Natural sugar is water-based and actually helps burn fat. I have consulted with a few nutritionists that have confirmed to me that a banana is not the same as eating a piece of cake at night. We need to learn new ways to stop the sugar cravings. I not saying don’t ever have a donut. I am saying only have one and don’t make it a daily habit.

Once you have the fat the only way to burn it is exercise. You can also lose it by dieting if your young enough. Even if you manage to work it off. If you go back to eating sugary drinks and snacks through out your days you will have consumed too much sugar for your liver to handle. That will result in fat gain. We need to learn how to replace the soda, candy bars, cakes and donuts. If we replace it with water, fruit, veggies, nuts and healthy snacks we will be able to get the most fat burning effect out of our workouts.

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