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Why photographers should invest in a prime lens

Nikon D800 f/2 1/320s ISO-100
Nikon D800 f/2 1/320s ISO-100
© Leo Garcia

A prime lens is a photographic lens whose focal length is fixed. Before zoom lenses were popularized, many photographers would possess various lenses with different fixed focal lengths. Though high grade zoom lenses today offer an “all-in-one” advantage, most professionals continue to endorse investing in a prime lens.

Quality! Quality! Quality!

Prime lenses have an overall dominance when it comes to image quality. Many justifications for this is due to the lens itself having fewer moving parts, minor glass usage, and a less sophisticated optics formula. Other perks include better contrast, less distortion, and a much more pleasing depth of field.

Aperture, wider is better!

With most prime lenses, apertures will usually peak at f/1.8. Higher priced lenses can often expand to f/1.4, even going as broad as f/1.2. One of the most noted advantages of this is the ease that is provided when photographing in low light situations. By having a wider aperture in a poorly lit setting a photographer will sacrifice none too little of his/her camera's shutter speed, and keep ISO levels lower resulting in an overall better image.

Goodbye laziness, and hello improvement!

Using a prime lens can provide a path to self-improvement as a photographer. Since the focal length is fixed, photographers have to physically migrate themselves to obtain their photo's composition. Remember, no cropping is the best cropping. Always analyze each shot carefully, and you will be pleased with the final result.

Get a prime lens now!

With Nikon and Canon being the lead dslr companies, both guarantee affordable prices for the budgeted photographer. Nikon users can purchase a Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S NIKKOR FX Lens for a great price of $200 (plus shipping and handling). Canon users can purchase a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens for an even greater price of $100 (plus shipping and handling). Stop stalling, and get yourself a prime lens today. You won't regret it.

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