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Why Phoenicians should consider training to find a job

You want to transition into a new position in an industry you think meets your career goals. It’s expanding, and the latest company to enter your geography is hiring. Here’s the only obstacle; you haven’t done the research in advance to make sure that you are going to have the competencies needed to be successful. It’s amazing how many candidates enter the job search process without completely understanding what skills it takes to secure the positions that will transition into the newest growth industries. Take time to evaluate your status in each of these areas:

  • Technology; This doesn’t only include software skills such as Microsoft Office and Mac. Be honest about what program abilities and hardware access you need to have to move into the role you want to secure.
  • Accelerated or improved specialized training; You may have gone through customer service/sales/support/management training in another company. Are there new and more updated ways to improve your skills? Have you investigated how to make your skills the most current?
  • Communication skills; Being able to effectively communicate with the various generations in the workplace is a skill. Having the flexibility to work with Baby Boomers, Gen X’ers, and Millenials is valuable. Showing your ability to communicate in verbal and written forms with all generations is going to be a value to any employer with a diverse workforce population.
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