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Why People Are Leaving the Suburbs?

On a National Level studies have shown that people are leaving the Suburbs. And Why is that? The white picket fence and the wide sprawling lawns just don't hold the same allure as they once did.

The commute is getting worse, so getting up at 3 in the morning to get across town doesn't do it for commuters everyday.

Although we thought that it would be friendlier in the suburbs that doesn't often hold true. A women owning a 5000 or 6000 square foot home may only use one or two rooms and actually may have never been invited into their neighbors kitchen.

In some suburbs the houses are so far apart that on Halloween or even on play dates the parents feel unsafe allowing their children to go house to house.

Oftentimes there is little to do for entertainment in the suburbs and some of the overbuilt shopping centers are dead at night. The eateries close at 9:00 and after a movie there is no where to go.

Today more developers are touting the notion of choice your own adventure. Some are building smaller housing tracts with built in walk to communities. Homes are closer together and neighbors are more accessible. We are looking to connect with each other and get out and socialize. That is a good thing.

The suburbs are not gone forever but will have a new look.

As always respect your environment.

Call with any questions.


Eileen Gould


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