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Why Open Carry Is a Bad Idea

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Open Carry (OC) is a hot topic . No surprise; a lot of gun rights proponents like OC. At first blush, it seems a promising way to extend and defend Second Amendment rights. In many states (including my home state of Alabama) there’s no law against openly carrying a firearm—as long as one is not brandishing said firearm in a threatening manner.But is it the best idea? Let's read why some experts think it is not.

It alerts every criminal that you are armed, so he can take you out first. He can then relieve you of that pistol which, besides being a threat to him, is also an item of considerable value that he can sell to his criminal buddies.

Don’t forget that we’re still a minority in this country. A significant, well-organized, well-funded, politically active minority, but a minority nonetheless. it’s also worth noting that a huge number of gun owners would be more than happy to support laws that restricted other people from owning guns.