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Why Online Dating Could Hurt Your Love Life

Some people go online to find love. They are tired of the bar scene and feel like they are missing out on love. Online dating could actually be hurting your life more than helping it.

Online dating gives you questions so it could match you with what type of guy you are looking for. Just because someone goes online to find someone does not mean that they are looking for someone to date. Some people are just looking for a hook up or friends with benefits.

Society can be very superficial when it comes to dating. Some people are only after looks or sex. If you don't sleep around and answer that in your questions a guy who you may find attractive and says you are an 80% match sees that will not contact you because of that. Some guys only go after a girl's question and if they see she does not sleep around he will not even waste his time messaging her.

When you do meet that person it could be awkward. You have no idea what to talk about and are just looking at each other. You are nervous because you are talking to a stranger.

When it comes to relationships ask yourself what do you want? What are you looking for?

Try going to the gym or other places where you could meet someone. Get to know someone for who they are inside. Build a foundation and once you see someone has what you are looking for you could continue a relationship with that person.

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